‘Manifest’ Season 3 Is Now Lands on Netflix

‘Manifest’ Season 3 Is Now Lands on Netflix

‘Manifest’ Season 3 Is Now Lands on Netflix
The Third Season 3 of 'Manifest' Is Now on Netflix Us and Coming Soon to Netflix Canada

Manifest has quickly become one of the biggest new items for Netflix in recent months thanks to seasons 1-2 hitting Netflix during the cancellation. We'll talk about the hopes of season 4 below, but if you're looking for when Manifest season 3 is out now on Netflix in the US and soon on Netflix CA.

  • When will Manifest season 3 be on Netflix Canada?
  • When will Manifest season 3 be on Netflix US?
  • Will there be a Manifest season 4? Could Netflix save the show?

Now a TL; Quick DR before we dive in, a date has not been announced yet (for the US anyway), but we can make an educated guess and will keep this post updated as we learn more, so please keep it bookmarked.

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Manifest, for those unfamiliar, is the NBC show distributed by Warner Brothers Television. The premise of the show follows a plane that mysteriously disappears but shoots up five years later.

As first reported, Manifest hit Netflix in both the United States and Canada on June 10, 2021. Since the arrival of both seasons in CA and the US, it has skyrocketed directly to the top of the 10. first for each day since inclusion. to the Netflix library.

When will Manifest season 3 be on Netflix Canada?

Good news for Canadians!

You received seasons 1-2 of Manifest at the same time as the United States and, apparently, you will receive the new season before the United States.

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Manifest Season 3 was listed on Netflix's August 2021 release schedule for Canada and is currently scheduled to release on August 27, 2021.

When will Manifest season 3 be on Netflix US?

We originally expected Manifest season 3 to come to Netflix after dropping out of companies like Peacock and Hulu, however, with renewal talks underway, Netflix US has licensed season 3 much earlier than expected.

Without any prior warning, Manifest season 3 arrived on Netflix in the US on August 21st, 2021.

Will There Be a Manifest Season 4? Could Netflix Save the Show?

There is still hope for a revival at Netflix despite it being canceled by NBC as we documented in our full article from season 4 of the manifesto. As of July 30, the reactivation talks are reportedly still ongoing.

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Sadly, Manifest was one of the NBC shows that got dropped this year. Zoey, Good Girls and Debris's extraordinary playlist were all unsubscribed from NBC.

Third Season 3 of 'Manifest'

As for whether Netflix could save the show, despite many rumors suggesting Netflix is ​​still evaluating bringing it back, the road to renewal faces a major uphill battle. It's worth noting that Netflix hasn't revived a show from another network since 2018 despite many fan campaigns as well. As we pointed out in the previous article, Netflix only has two licensed regions at the moment. We know that Netflix typically likes its Originals to be global.

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The latest update regarding renewal talks came on August 18, and Deadline reported that the series is nearing resurrection with Netflix currently making deals with the cast and writers.

That's all we have for now, we'll keep you posted on when Manifest season 3 will be on Netflix. 

‘Manifest’ Season 3 Is Now Lands on Netflix

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