Whatsapp Messenger Review For Android

Whatsapp Messenger Review For Android

Download Whatsapp Messenger
Download WhatsApp Messenger for Android

WhatsApp Messenger (for Android) Review

WhatsApp Messenger, a popular cross-platform text messaging alternative, allows you to send text messages and speak using only one data plan. But it is starting to look awkward in the face of mounting competition.

📱 PROS                                                                  📱CONS

Enormous Global user Base.                                   Doesn't Interact With other Instant
Practically Eliminates Need for a Texting Plan.    Messaging Programs.
Encrypted Messaging.                                              No Video Calling or Group Voice Calls.
Group Messaging Tools.                                           Tied to Single Device.   
Voice Calling.                                                             In Need of a Design Refresh.
Supports Media Attachments.                                                   
Clever Desktop App. 

Just a few years ago, messaging services seeking to replace SMS were few and far between. Among them, WhatsApp (99-cent free annual subscription) quickly gained a reputation, particularly abroad, as a leader in space. With hundreds of thousands of users, it was the service. But a lot has changed since the last time we formally analyzed WhatsApp. The mobile messaging space is now extremely crowded, and although WhatsApp has added critical new features like WhatsApp web messaging and voice calls since my last review, it has started to show its age.

Although WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for a staggering sum, it is still very much alive, now exceeds 800 million users and is available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone along with more rarefied platforms like Symbian devices. WhatsApp is also free to download and use for a year, and costs just 99 cents a year after that.

No Account Needed

Most mobile messaging services, like Facebook Messenger, require you to create an account of some kind. Not so with WhatsApp. Instead, write your phone number, which WhatsApp verifies with a text message. The service then offers to search your address book for other users' phone numbers and automatically add them as friends. This is not exactly optional; In my tests, I discovered that if a contact was not in my phone's address book, they were not available on WhatsApp.

For one thing, this setting keeps WhatsApp super light and easy to use. It is also an inherent security measure, as someone would have to falsify your phone number (or steal your phone) to impersonate you. On the other hand, it means that your WhatsApping is limited to a single device. You can enroll as many phones as you like, but your friends will need all the numbers listed in their address books. Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, pushes all your messages between all your devices (and the Web) for maximum visibility.

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