WhatsApp for Android - All WhatsApp important info in one place

WhatsApp for Android - All WhatsApp important info in one place

Download WhatsApp Android & iPhone
Download WhatsApp Android & iPhone

Everything you need to know! All important WhatsApp information in one place

WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging platforms in the world, with the Facebook-owned service promoting more than two billion monthly users. While the service may not be prominent in the US. Its use is almost ubiquitous in markets such as India and Brazil, where it is used for everything from tracking delivery to payments.

Even though it goes after things like Facebook Messenger and even SMS text messages here in the US. In the US, WhatsApp is an immensely powerful app that you should familiarize yourself with.

Whether you're a WhatsApp pro or novice, here is everything you need to know about it!

✔WhatApp is free messaging                               ✔Indian users can send money
✔ The application is on Android and iOS              ✔ Secure your account with 2FA
✔ Easy to configure                                              ✔ Cloud backups are integrate
✔ Dark mode is here                                            ✔ Deleting your account is easy
✔ Control your notifications

WhatsApp is a free messaging platform

WhatsApp is a free messaging App

If you are not completely sure what WhatsApp is, here is the elevator speech. WhatsApp is a free messaging application that allows you to send text, audio and image messages via data / Wi-Fi to anyone else who has the application.

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It works just like texting, but with tons of extra features that make the experience more enjoyable. Some of WhatsApp's biggest draws are easy-to-use group messaging, access to messages on your desktop, end-to-end encryption that keeps your conversations safe, and much more. You will also receive small gifts such as read receipts (to know when your messages have been seen) and typing indicators for the people you are chatting with.

Outside of messaging, WhatsApp allows you to make voice calls, video calls, and it has a status feature that is essentially your own version of Instagram Stories.

The best part? You get all this 100% free.

WhatsApp works for Android and iOS

WhatsApp works for Android and iOS

One of the best parts of WhatsApp is the fact that it works on both Android and iOS. Unlike iMessage, which is only available for Apple devices, you can download and use WhatsApp on any iPhone or Android device you want.

Not only that, but you can chat with people on WhatsApp no ​​matter what phone they have. In other words, if half your family owns iPhones and the other half have Android phones, you can have individual conversations or group chats without a problem, regardless of your phone of choice.

This benefit goes a step further if you ever find yourself switching from iPhone to Android. If you have been using WhatsApp on an iPhone, you can export your chats, import them to your Android phone and backup your conversation data so that you can start chatting on your new Android phone as if nothing had happened.

Setting it up is very easy 

whatsApp Setting it up is very easy

If you are interested in what WhatsApp has to offer and want to start on your own, doing it is incredibly easy. Download the app, follow the instructions it gives you and you're ready to go.

WhatsApp can feel a little intimidating the first time you open it, so to make sure you know what you are doing and where everything is, we created a detailed guide that will guide you through the whole process to get started with WhatsApp and all its main features. .

Do you need help inviting people to use WhatsApp with you? It is covered in our guide. Not sure how to use WhatsApp status? That is also explained.

It supports dark mode!

WhatsApp supports dark mode

Dark mode is one of the most popular app trends right now, and WhatsApp supports it ... sort of.

From now on, you will need to download the beta version of WhatsApp to access dark mode in the Android application. That's not ideal, but it's pretty easy to do and it's worth the effort.

WhatsApp looks downright beautiful with a dark mode, and like any good dark mode, it complies with your system defaults so that it automatically activates when you change the theme of your whole phone system.

There are tons of controls for notifications

WhatsApp controls for notifications

As you start receiving more and more WhatsApp messages, your notifications can get out of control. To help combat that, WhatsApp gives you many controls on such notifications and how they work.

Do you want to change the sound you hear when a message arrives? WhatsApp allows you to do that. Not happy with how your phone vibrates when you get a new message? You can change the vibration pattern. If your phone has a notification LED light, you can change the color it shows for your WhatsApp messages.

Some of these settings are quite minor in the grand scheme of things, but if you want to play around and customize all of these settings, WhatsApp allows you to do exactly that.

You can send money (if you live in India)

WhatsApp Payments

For our readers living in India, WhatsApp is extra useful thanks to its support of the country's Unified Payment Interface, more commonly known as UPI.

Using UPI, WhatsApp allows you to send and receive money from other WhatsApp users directly through the app, making it nice and easy to get ready for dinner or movies.

It is unclear if this feature will reach the US. USA Or other countries, but we certainly hope it does.

Two-factor authentication is here

Secure your whatsapp account with 2FA

Having a secure digital profile is one of the most important things anyone can do, and a great way to do it is with two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication acts as an additional security wall between you and your online account, and we are delighted that it is available for WhatsApp.

Getting 2FA to run on WhatsApp is pretty simple, but just in case, our guide below guides you through every step.

WhatsApp data can be backed up with Google Drive

WhatsApp data can be backed up with Google Drive

Whether you're using WhatsApp as your primary messaging app or just using it to communicate with a handful of people, it's a good idea to make sure that all your conversations are backed up in the cloud.

Backups in the cloud are integrated into WhatsApp and are managed through Google Drive. Just link your Google account, choose how often you want backups to be made and you're all set. If you end up getting a new phone or you have to delete and reinstall WhatsApp for whatever reason, it will search for that backup so you can restore all your settings and conversations as if nothing happened.

Deleting your account is a hassle-free process

Deleting your whatsapp account is a hassle-free process

It can be said that WhatsApp is one of the best messaging platforms, but if you want to delete your account for any reason, doing so is very easy.

Deleting your WhatsApp account is a permanent process that will completely erase all your personal data and conversations, so think long before you pull the trigger. However, if this is something you know you want to do, it will be over in seconds.

You can reactivate your account in the future if you decide to return, but you will have to start from scratch as if you were joining WhatsApp for the first time.

So many features, all for free
WhatsApp stands out as one of the best messaging apps on the market thanks to its suite of features and free price of admission. You can text anyone, make voice/video calls, and access your conversations on any device. There's no reason not to use it.

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