What Is WhatsApp? Here's Everything about WhatsApp You Need To Know

What Is WhatsApp? Here's Everything about WhatsApp You Need To Know

What Is WhatsApp

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a text and voice messaging application that was launched in 2009. It has become incredibly popular ever since, largely thanks to its features and flexibility. As a free service, WhatsApp allows messages and calls on desktop and mobile devices.

Part of what makes this app attractive is that it works on various phone and computer operating systems, which helps with messaging. You can also take advantage of Wi-Fi and mobile data to make individual or group calls.

Here is everything you need to know about WhatsApp.

How does WhatsApp work?

WhatsApp relies on data to send messages, like iMessage or BBM, so it doesn't interrupt your monthly text allocation.

Global reach vs competition

WhatsApp says it serves more than 2 billion people in more than 180 countries, with more than 500 million daily active users. WhatsApp Messenger is now the leading mobile messaging application in 112 countries, while Messenger is the leading application in 57 countries. The app dominates in India, Germany, Russia, and the UK. Despite its considerable virtues and impressive statistics, WhatsApp is not the only game in town. Competitors for the app include Line, Imo, Kakao Talk, WeChat, Kik, and Viber Messenger. WhatsApp generally takes a broad approach to reach as many people as possible around the world. According to a Market Intelligence Insights report, WhatsApp is gaining popularity compared to its competitors, even outperforming its own Facebook brother Messenger.

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Figures gathered by eMarketer predicted that 52% of the US Hispanic population. USA He would use WhatsApp by the end of 2019, and he estimates that the platform's Hispanic user base has expanded to 32 million in recent years, driven by its financial advantages and wide acceptance. in Latin America. eMarketer predicts that growth within this population will continue until 2023, when 47 million Hispanic Americans or 70.7% of that population will be on the WhatsApp platform.

Easy Chat and Calls on Most Platforms

Easy Chat and Calls on Most Platforms

WhatsApp is platform independent. You don't need to have the same brand of phone as the call recipient or be on a specific platform - the app works with iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, and Mac or Windows desktops or laptops, which you can use to send and send receive messages, but don't make calls. Like any other SMS messenger, you can start a conversation with an individual or a group and a video chat with up to four people. The iOS version also has in-app support for playing videos from Instagram and Facebook. You can also share your location, transmit your status to your contacts, share contacts, set custom wallpapers and notification alerts, email chat history, use the camera to take photos and videos from the app, and simultaneously transmit messages to multiple contacts. You're always online so you never miss messages, but even if you lose notifications while your phone is off, the app saves recent messages for when you reopen the app.

Like iMessage for iPhone, WhatsApp has a simple interface that displays your chats in text bubbles with a time stamp and notifies you when the recipient has seen your text.

WhatsApp can identify the people in your contact list who are currently using the app, so you never have to add them manually. You can also invite people who do not have WhatsApp or who do not connect with other users you know but who are not in your contact list. WhatsApp allows you to create work groups, friends or family to communicate with up to 256 participants. The application allows you to change your background and send your GPS location to an interactive map. You can write a status message that will last up to 24 hours or until you change it. You can block contacts from the application or send the information of a friend to another user within the application.

The application has a search function that allows you to search by keyword, group, contact name or phone number. You can also search for keywords in a conversation. WhatsApp is interoperable with Google so you can save a copy of your message history on Google Drive or, if you're not on Google, in your phone's memory. If you lose critical messages, you can re-download and reinstall the application to find your lost messages.

Free International whatsapp Calls

Free International Calls

WhatsApp uses the cellular or Wi-Fi connection of your phone to facilitate messaging and voice calls to almost anyone on the planet, alone or in a group, and is especially good for families and small collaborative work groups. The application allows you to make calls and send and receive messages, documents, photos and videos. WhatsApp is completely free, without fees or subscriptions, because it uses the 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi connection of your phone instead of the voice minutes or the text plan of your cell plan. If you are connected via Wi-Fi, it will not affect your data plan either. Its popularity is sustained by its support for free calls around the world, even if the people who chat are not in the same country.

Mobile updates for 2020

After 2018, WhatsApp has not introduced new core features, but continues to modify and improve existing features. More recently, WhatsApp instituted a new privacy setting that gives you more control over group messages, particularly who can add it to groups. Administrators can send you a private invitation through Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups. There are three options available: All, My Contacts, and My Contacts, except. My Contacts is restricted to the people you have in your address book who can add it to groups and My Contacts except it offers even more control over which contacts can add it to a group. Administrators who cannot add you to a group can send a private message via chat to invite you to a group. The invitation expires in three days.

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New call waiting features allow you to choose to accept an incoming WhatsApp call while you are on another call. Chats screen layout has been updated to make it easier to read your messages and you can send messages directly from the Braille keyboard through VoiceOver mode.


WhatsApp has a number of advanced security features. It has end-to-end encryption, just like Apple's iMessage and Signal. All messages that flow through the platform are secured so that only the sender and recipient can see them. This means that WhatsApp was unable to read your message, even if you wanted to. The application does not store your personal information, and only the people you approve as contacts can send you messages. As with an increasing number of Internet services like Google and Facebook, WhatsApp uses two-factor authentication, which allows you to enter a second access code sent to your phone by text message to access your account. However, group messages may conflict with some privacy settings, as if you have blocked someone, they may still appear in a group message that you can see.

whatsapp Web

Web Version

WhatsApp Web is a desktop version of the mobile application that works within standard Mac or Windows browsers (except Internet Explorer). But it does not offer all the services available in the mobile application. Everything you do on the web will sync and appear on the iPhone or Android app, so all your chats will sync, but the web version doesn't offer calling features. A commercial version allows companies to access WhatsApp to interact with customers.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn't have many downsides from a user perspective, but there are a few. First, you can only communicate with people who have the app, so it can be a bit tricky for friends and family to download and learn another app, especially when they feel like they can text you right now without it. Although the calls are free, it is also possible to accumulate data charges, so users should proceed with caution. Also, with WhatsApp, you cannot call 911 or other emergency services.

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